Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to get the most from MSCONFIG

Installing additional programs in your OS, fills up the hard disk, fills up the registry and slows down the system. With the earliest versions of Windows, Microsoft released a software that is built-in the OS, which can help you tweak all start-up programs and services. Also you can use MSCONFIG for changing boot setting and making boot priority to different kind of partitions.

On Windows 7 too you can use MSCONFIG, we will show you how you can start MSCONFIG.

1. Click on the start button on the bottom left corner:

2. Type directly on the box, msconfig:

3. The OS will launch Microsoft's System Configuration Utility:

- From there you can choose, normal startup, which will start all installed services and will load all device drivers, diagnostic startup, which can start only drivers and services needed by the OS to be running, or selective startup with which you can start whatever you desire to start.

Note: With disabling startup items and services your OS can be crippled and may not be functional as it was so be very aware for everything that you do.


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