Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Download FIBA 2k12 patch for NBA 2k12

UPDATE: For the complete version of FIBA 2k12 click here.

Earlier this day, FIBA 2k12 patch was released by it's creator. You can enjoy playing that patch with actual international teams: Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United States, Philippines, Poland. Also there are international teams that took huge part of the history: USA '92, Croatia '92, Lithuania '92, Lithuania '04, USA '04.

-The rosters for all 24 teams.
- Ratings/rotations for every player (based on Eurobasket 2011/Fiba Americas 2011/FIBA World 2010/ tournaments)
- Signature shots, free throw routines for most of the players(at least those that I know).
- Real accessories and shoes for almost all players (Euro teams - from Eurobasket 2011)
- Over 100 authentic player cyber faces (New and some conversions from 2k11)
- Lifelike home courts/stadiums for all the teams.
- Authentic Nike/Adidas/Champion jerseys and home/away warm up suits for every team.
- Authentic logos and word marks.
- Graphics: courts, fans, cheerleaders etc.
- A portrait for (almost) every player(except for the '92 teams).
- Real coach names and portraits(for most of them).
- FIBA ball.
- FIBA 2k12 start-up screen.

Download links - Roster - Logos and Stuff - Players - Portraits - Stadiums and Courts - Uniforms and Shoes

Short tutorial for installation:


  1. After downloading them, you do what exactly? I did the same thing I had done with the fiba patch in NBA 2k11 but obviously It's not that.So can you please tell me how to do that,I mean If you can give me a few steps!!!!!!!!!!Thank you very much I really need it!

  2. Here is a short tutorial how to install FIBA 2k12 on your PC.